My services

Do you want to be seen by people with MS as a partner in helping them manage life with MS?

I am happy to support you in addressing the needs, wishes, goals, but also hurdles and fears.


Do you want to work with me? I would be happy to advise you on the patient perspective on treatment, living with multiple sclerosis and what moves the MS community.

Presentations & Readings

Are you planning an event and still looking for a lecture topic or a reading? Then take a look right now and see if you can find the right thing in my offer.

Content Creation

Do you need (scientifically oriented) texts that address the needs of people with MS in simple words, clarify their questions and provide positive tips for dealing with MS? Or are you looking for an interview guest in your podcast.


Do you want to be specifically noticed in the MS community, outside of your own reach? Then sponsoring podcast episodes could be interesting for you. 


Not found the right thing yet?

None of the above services meets your ideas of cooperation? Then I will be glad to receive your suggestion. Please read in advance for which types of cooperation I am not available.

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Want to read more impressions from customers?

Then you will find customer testimonials on professional cooperation as well as feedback from those affected.

Transparency creates trust

Because of my involvement as a patient advocate, podcaster, author, and blogger, I am requested for project-based collaborations on the above topics. I am happy to bring the diversity of perspectives from the MS community as well as my own. Elsewhere, I develop science-based content, always with an optimistic tone, as MS has become highly treatable and research is constantly evolving.

The content of the blog and podcast is available free of charge to patients and interested parties and is my contribution to patient education. Because a patient who is scientifically informed can live better with the disease. 

I have received honoraria from the following companies, organizations and foundations in recent years:

Atheneum Partners, ABC Healthcare, Carl Gustav Carus Management, Coloplast GmbH, DMSG Berlin, DMSG Thüringen, Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung, Goerke Public Relations GmbH, Heller Medizintechnik, Janssen Cilag GmbH, Lumanity Communications, McCann Health Medical Communications Limited, Merck Healthcare KGaA, Novartis Pharma GmbH, NeuroSys GmbH, Pricewaterhouse Coopers AG, Roche Pharma AG, Touch Independent Medical Education Ltd