Nahaufnahme von MS-Patientin und Patient Advocat Nele Handwerker @ms.perspektive

I am in daily exchange with other MS patients, often newly diagnosed, through various channels and am often asked for advice. My advantage is that, on the one hand, I have many years of experience with the disease myself and have accumulated a broad knowledge through regular interviews with experts. Thus, I know exactly what is important to people with multiple sclerosis and with which arguments you can convince.

In addition, I have worked in marketing for 15 years in international companies and am familiar with the work structures and processes of large companies or institutions. If you have a solution for people with MS that has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect, I will be happy to support you as a facilitator in funnel marketing from awareness to interest to consideration.

Example of consulting services

A summary of treatment satisfaction and safety of cladribine tablets in people with multiple sclerosis 6 months after beginning treatment.