Talks & Readings

Do you want to not only advertise at an event, but deliver a highlight that pleases your target group? Then I have two interactive offers for you. No matter which one you choose, I will make it personal, relaxed and actively involve the audience. This way, your event will be remembered in a lasting and positive way.


Nele Handwerker Amalfiküste - Vortrag Reisen mit MS

How about a lecture on a specific topic related to multiple sclerosis. People like to book the following topics from me:

  • From the desire to have a child to the happiness of having a baby? What to consider.
  • Traveling near and far? Well prepared, not a problem.
  • Training, study and career with MS? Find your way.
  • What career is possible with MS? That is primarily for you to decide!
  • Self-fulfillment with MS, is that possible? Of course, and you deserve it.
  • Too tired for sports? This is how you can bring more activity into your life.

You have another focus in mind? Let's talk about it. With my wide range of experience, I can speak about many other topics.


If you prefer a reading, I will be happy to prepare an individual compilation from my autobiography "Multiple Sclerosis? Don't be afraid! A report of 15 years of experience". 

Depending on the time available and your goal, I select chapters that fit your topic focus. This gives the subsequent round of talks a certain framework, which of course still allows for questions beyond that.

I will gladly round up the offer with a book signing. You do not have to worry about anything else, I will bring the books in the desired quantity.

Signierstunde nach Lesung Nele Handwerker

Reading or speaking tour

Nele Handwerker Nahaufnahme

One event is not enough for you? You would like to be active in several places and be noticed by people with multiple sclerosis?

I will be happy to develop a concept tailored to your topic and goals. In doing so, you will always receive authentic content that I deliver to people with MS at an eye level.

During 13 years of organizing trade fairs worldwide, I have gained a lot of experience. These range from appropriate target group marketing to planning buffers, finding flexible solutions and having backups ready. But above all, I keep calm and in a good mood even in stressful times.