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"Those affected are experts on their disease. Only by working with people who know from their own experience what it means to live with a disease is it possible to create offers that are a real support for other people affected. Through your open and authentic manner and the very good, reliable cooperation, we can better understand the needs of MS sufferers. Thank you very much for that!"
Portraitfoto von Dr. Karin Hagemeier
Dr. Karin Hagemeier
Manager Patient Affairs, Janssen-Cilag GmbH
"You are directly approachable as a person, you clearly contribute your experience and give us feedback on which services are feasible and to what extent. We can develop together and learn from each other. Your expertise, coupled with your personal experience, provide an authentic basis for building products that are a perfect fit for our target group."
Portraitbild von Elisa Ascherl, Project Manager Digital Helath, NeuroSys
Elisa Ascherl
Project Manager Digital Health, NeuroSys

Further feedback from Elisa Ascherl

"As a person with MS, you experience what it means to live with this disease on a daily basis. No literature can provide these experiences in order to develop products for MS patients. You share your experience and expertise not only with us, but also with many other MS sufferers. Through the combination of your personal experiences, with your great expertise around MS, we can pass on authentic, human content through your support. Besides the content component, it is very advantageous that you act independently and neutrally. The cooperation is very constructive and uncomplicated due to the direct communication with you."

"Above all, we save a lot of nerves and time. Because you are directly and flexibly available, we were able to implement our tasks very uncomplicated and quickly."

"Before our collaboration, the emotions, feelings, experiences of people with MS were missing from our content. The picture wasn't quite round, it was more theoretical."

"Through the combination of expert knowledge about the disease multiple sclerosis, your personal experience, the active exchange with other affected people and your marketing know-how, you can advise us competently and fully on the patient perspective. This allows us to develop optimal offers for people with MS."
Portraitfoto Philip van Hövell
Philip van Hövell
Director for advanced analytics in pharma and life sciences, PwC
„Working with Nele has been a great experience. Nele enthusiastically and actively engages in discussions, with an excellent ability to clearly and concisely explain patient perspective on a range of topics.“
Ash Dunne
Associate Director Global Medical Communication, Merck

People with MS

The following are opinions from people with MS about my offerings. If you have suggestions for new topics or also want to give me feedback, please write to me.


"Dear Nele, I recently discovered your site and would like to tell you that I am totally fascinated by your commitment to pass on sound knowledge. In addition, you give confidence to sufferers with your positive contributions and thus strengthen self-confidence. Please keep up the good work."
People with MS

About the podcast

"Dear Nele, your podcasts are just great!!! They enrich enormously! I am totally thrilled and really happy that through you affected and interested people have such an uncomplicated access to very important and interesting topics through different people and so many specialists from the subject and thus to sound knowledge. That is soo valuable! Please keep up the good work! 🙏🙏👏👏
MS patient
"Hello dear Nele, I haven't been following you that long, as I just received my diagnosis in November. I wanted to thank you for your podcast, which I came across through your Instagram page. It has been very beneficial to me and is very informative. Especially through the interviews of those affected, you do not feel alone. I also think your book is really great. In the beginning everything is very uncertain. But through the information I now feel simply better positioned. Kind regards"
MS patient
"Stumbled across your podcast today and absolutely loved it!!!! Thank you so much for the work. I am still very unhappy about my diagnosis and your podcast is helping me a lot."
MS patient
Testimonial Apple Podcast - Super
Testimonial Apple Podcast - Gut dosiert und total authentisch

About the books

"Good morning Nele, I read your book yesterday and I am grateful that you share your experiences with us. It gives me courage to look positively into the future. You are wonderful. Thank you "
MS patient

About the newsletter

"Thank you for the clear and specific article. You did a very professional job."
MS patient