Content Creation

Nahaufnahme Nele Handwerker

Do you need texts or audio files that are excellently researched and really speak to people with MS? Take on board their perspective and, despite the difficult subject, leave them with a positive feeling that they can play an active role themselves?

I go my own way and like to show happiness where and how it finds me. This also spreads to others. Fully informed patients who actively participate in their health is my mission. I help people with MS and their loved ones to make intentional choices and live full, happy lives in the best possible health.

I offer the following types of support:

  • Well-researched factual texts that also address the emotions and feelings of those affected.
  • As an interview guest on your podcast or other audio or video formats.
  • Stories on various topics, where the technical aspects provide the solid basis, but primarily address the heart and gut.