Multiple Sclerosis? Don’t be afraid: A 15-year experience report


Nele’s journey, sparked by a desire to visit a friend, shifted with a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Despite grim tales, she saw MS as an opportunity for a fuller life. Embracing travel, career, and personal fulfillment, Nele’s story is a testament to MS as a new beginning. She manages the disease gently through therapy and lifestyle, proving it’s not the end but a fresh start.

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Nele’s journey began with a desire to visit a friend, but soon, she noticed issues with her eyesight. After a brief hospital stay and cortisone treatment, the diagnosis arrived a year later: Multiple sclerosis. Nele was initially shocked and dismayed, finding grim tales online about wheelchairs, loneliness, and unhappiness. However, she refused to give in to despair and chose to view MS as an opportunity to appreciate life more fully.

Embracing travel, pursuing a career, and personal fulfillment, Nele’s story is a testament to MS not representing an end but rather a new beginning. She serves as an inspiration, highlighting how the disease can be managed gently with the right therapy and lifestyle. Moreover, she’s making a difference by donating ten percent of her book’s proceeds to the Dresden University Medical Foundation, supporting research and comprehensive care for MS patients. Join Nele on her journey of resilience and hope.


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