My mission

To educate others with MS about the disease and how to influence its course so that they can live self-determined, free and happy lives. This is best done right from the moment of diagnosis, in order to preserve health in the best possible way for the long term.

For people affected by MS

Living normally with MS?

Yes, you can.

Intensive research is being conducted on multiple sclerosis, which has led to numerous findings in the last 20 years. There is a choice of effective medications and you yourself can positively influence your course in many ways. Sounds exciting? Then subscribe to my newsletter right now and get 11 tips on how you can contribute.

If you would like to know how life with MS can be, you will find the answers in my book "Multiple Sclerosis? No fear! In it I describe my first 15 years with MS, but also what else life is like.

For companies & organizations

Addressing people with MS in an

understandable and emotional way

Do you offer products or services for people with MS? Wonderful. To ensure that your solution really fits their needs and is perceived positively, you need insights into multiple perspectives.

I interact daily with the MS community from newly diagnosed to long-time MS patients to their loved ones. As an experienced marketing expert, I offer consulting, speaking and reading for MS patients, content creation and more. Check out my services overview right now.

Nele Handwerker Portrait, Querformat

Who is Nele Handwerker?

I am an internationally experienced marketing specialist who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004. After 15 exciting years in large companies, I became passionate about helping others with MS live as full and enjoyable a life as I do.

Since 2022 I study Multiple Sclerosis Management (M.Sc.) to gain expert status of the disease and treatment options. I'll present the learnings in a comprehensible way, engage in a constant exchange of views with other people affected by the disease, and try to pass on my optimism as often as possible.

After all, one thing is clear: MS must be approached in a well-informed and conscious manner, involving body, mind and psyche. This is how you achieve the greatest effect.

I received international recognition for my podcast by winning the 2022 Brain Health Award in the Patient Advocate category..

You can find out more on my about me page.

Get to know the MS from different angles

Because well-informed patients find it easier to influence their disease positively. And that is exactly my goal.

I want you to be well informed about treatment and research. You may benefit from some of my experiences that I have shared since 2004 or those of other MS patients.

The weekly articles are available as text and audio.

MS-Letter with many useful tips

In this newsletter you will get to know multiple sclerosis better. I share important insights about the disease, but as concisely and extracted as possible.

You'll learn about possible symptoms, the importance of disease-modifying therapy, and the positive effects of exercise on MS.

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